Britches Wants To Help Other Primates!

With gratitude to the sanctuary who cared for Britches and gave him a forever home, The Britches Campaign is proud to support the work of Primarily Primates, Incorporated, a non-profit sanctuary in Bexar County, Texas that operates to house, protect, and rehabilitate various non-native animals. The private refuge currently houses several hundred nonhuman animals, and, as the name implies, focuses primarily on caring for apes and monkeys. Many are cast-offs from the pet trade and biomedical research institutions. Individuals who have been accepted into the refuge include chimpanzees once used in space training and testing protocols by the United States Air Force and Oliver, a chimpanzee once paraded on television shows as the "humanzee" due to a habit of walking upright.

Primarily Primates was founded in 1978. Its current board, structured in 2007 under an agreement with the Attorney General of the State of Texas, includes a long-time sanctuary facilitator with extensive primate experience, and the president of the animal-advocacy group Friends of Animals. You can find out more and lend your support by visiting their website at:

The Sanctuary

Primarily Primates is in the best shape the sanctuary's been in three decades. As a Friends of Animals refuge, the expansive site has a renovated infrastructure, beautifully expanded and renovated living spaces for birds and primates, and on-site veterinary support. The doors are open even to chimpanzees owned as pets, a class of primate made tragically newsworthy by the case of a confused adolescent chimpanzee attacking a human being in Connecticut.

As they themselves say, "We can tell the public how dangerous and downright wrong it is to buy animals and lock them up in cages in their homes. And we can do everything possible to stop it from being allowed. But in the meantime, people are still able to do these things, and when the situations go downhill, here come the animals, needing refuge. Animals need Primarily Primates."

Please watch this important video: